Introducing the GameChanger Shot, a revolutionary 1.2-ounce energy and health drink meticulously crafted with a potent blend of Elderberry, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grape Skin and Seed Extract, Indian Gooseberry, Green Tea, Turmeric, Ginger, Reishi Mushroom, COQ10, and L-theanine. This plant-based elixir is a caffeine-free, gluten-free powerhouse designed to invigorate your day. With a commitment to natural ingredients, GameChanger Shot offers a unique and convenient option for those seeking a health-conscious, flavorful boost. Embrace the goodness in every sip- a compact vitality infusion ready to redefine your beverage experience.



    Packed inside the berries and flowers of an Elderberry plant lies antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber strong enough to help your whole body with everyday stress, joint pain, respiratory, headache, fever, and inflammation. For your calorie counters, add 1 gram of protein for every 1 cup equivalent of Elderberry.


    Containing curcumin helps boost immune systems by fighting free radicals against aging and diseases. It also helps boost your memory and focus to confidently get you through the day. There is also an anti-depressant component to enhance your mood. This anti-inflammatory spice is a natural healer.


    Backed by grandma's kitchen remedies everywhere, apple cider vinegar alone has been poured in a glass and handed over to help clear sinuses and fight a cold. That is because this ingredient is full of good gut health probiotics to help defend the body against bad bacteria—another good source of vitamin C and fiber to help with inflammation.


    We had to make sure the ginger root made its way in to provide not only over 60 trace minerals and 30 amino acids but also over 500 enzymes and coenzymes! Ginger helps the body boost its white blood cell count, making it a natural fighter against infections and inflammation.


    Polyphenols (what gives grape skin its color) protect our body from diseases and provide this ingredient the power to fight against oxidative stress, which helps inflammation and tissue damage and the blood flow throughout the body- helping with oxygen flow. That means improved heart, brain function, memory retention, kidney and liver health, and clearer skin.


    Fighting to improve heart health and maintaining blood sugar levels is key to a well-balanced day. Add to that a fight against depression, anxiety, and inflammation; you've got a positive effect on your white blood cell count and better overall health!


    Is rich in antioxidants an very nutritious. It may improve immune function, lower blood pressure, protect the heart and have anticancer effects.


    Promote an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness. Studies have also shown that it improves deep restful sleep.


    Green tea is considered one of the healthiest supplement today. It’s helps to burn fat, support the brain, fights cancer, have great anti-inflammatory properties and support the immune system.

  • COQ10

    It’s a potent antioxidants that takes your energy to the next level. It also have protective benefits for the heart and nervous system, lowers blood pressure, boost immune system, preserve brain structure and burn fat

Natural Frontline Defense: Powerful Immune Support

When you don't have time to squeeze fruit, chop berries or find the mixer, grab a Game Changer Shot! We've got you covered in minutes with the same immune-boosting action as 20 fruits and veggies. Everyone wants to be healthy, right? But not everyone thinks about what they can do or what they should put in their body to keep those healthy vibes going strong. We have but one body, and it needs to stay strong and full of good energy. The Game Changer Shot is 1.2 fl oz of all-natural energy meant to keep your immune system fighting and your energy levels right where you need them. It's caffeine-free, so there is no sugar crash you get with all those "energy drinks" full of unhealthy sugars. Whether you are a fitness lover, running a business, or a full-time mom on the go, your body and tastebuds will thank you with just a quick shot of liquid boost!



Packed with ElderBerry and Mushrooms to support immune system

  • Smart Clean Energy

    These ingredients grow naturally, and no artificial flavors or colors are included. Natural energy-boosting components like green tea are used instead of sugar.

  • Plant-Based

    Keeping our ingredients natural and plant-based, we have effectively provided ingredients full of heart-healthy fiber and vitamins every body needs, without the harmful chemicals and cholesterol of non-plant-based foods. Now you can get all the benefits and a good serving of veggies.

  • Gluten Free

    We use only gluten-free ingredients to ensure everyone can benefit from a Game Changer Shot and not worry about bloating, fatigue, or other gluten body side effects. Enjoy the benefits of clean ingredients and healthy options for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most amazing customer account is that it makes them feel better after taking 2- 3 pouches together during those awful flu symptoms.

Take the top twenty brands of natural supplements in one shot instead of twenty different bottles of pills.

Customers say that it taste like Grape juice, others say Blueberry juice with slight tartness. Overall they all they love it.

Many customers report of significant energy boost with only one pouch. However, they expressed amazing energy boost without the jitters or crashes of caffeine with two shots, makes working a double shift a lot easier.

Our no questions ask money-back guarantee ensures that the customer is completely satisfied, coupled with the confidence that Game Changer Shot is designed to be a consumer pleaser.

Let Customers Choose the Best

I have been drinking Game Changer Shot every single day. It’s how I start my day— EVERY DAY. If you’re looking for natural energy with no sugar, crashes or jitters—this is it. If you haven’t already, you need to try it! If you’re a fan of energy drinks, try replacing them with Game Changer Shot!

- Cathryn Lee

I bought this product for clean energy boost. I will not drink the other “boosts” that have ingredients I cannot pronounce. I love the taste and the energy it boosts. I do not feel jittery or experience a crash. It doesn’t upset my stomach. Overall I love this product.

- Justin Matthews

I purchased Game Changer Shot for the immunity not the boost to get through a period of time. Although it does boost your energy. The flavor of  Eldeberry and the vegan collagen were a added bonus. But it’s better than any other “energy boosting” product on the market. The taste is perfect 👌. This is a great flavor and has a lot of vitamins.

- Leah Woodard

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